Quality Assurance

Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc. (MVTL) provides independent laboratory testing services to clients requiring accurate and reliable results through the application of approved methodologies. For over 60 years, our personnel have reflected a twin commitment to quality and our customers - and they express this in the high standards of their work. At MVTL, our entire staff participates in our quality assurance program, which each of our laboratories implements every day!

The goal of the quality assurance program at MVTL is to provide documented steps and procedures for generating reliable and accurate data. Our quality assurance program is based on the following objectives:

  • Provision of timely reports, based on all aspects of laboratory testing
  • Use of written standard operating procedures (SOPs) and methods
  • Adherence to quality control practices for all analyses, internal and external performance evaluations, internal quality assurance audits and participation in pertinent certification programs

Please refer to the MVTL Quality Manual, available as a PDF.